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Antonia is a published author,  having written 3 books for young children and illustrated others. 


Book Cover - Two Fine Ladies Tea for Three What do two “fine ladies” do when they meet a bear one morning? Invite him home to tea, of course! Unfortunately, bears don’t have the best manners–the ladies’ new friend drinks tea straight from the teapot and munches cookies right off the table! At this memorable tea party, two fine ladies learn that sometimes friendship means overlooking flaws 
Twin sisters wake up in the same bed, but one on the wrong side of it. The girl with a frown tells her sister to keep her mouth closed when she yawns. Well, her twin doesn't appreciate that, and before the day is over, the girls are fighting about playing dress up, putting their elbows on the table, and finally, struggling over a string of beads, which breaks. One storms out, the other stays home, but neither can stand to be apart for long. Two Fine Ladies have a Tiff